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Our main program, designed to teach children Mandarin from the ground up at an early age, and enhance their Mandarin knowledge as they grow. 

Our Heritage Program is specifically designed for native speakers of Mandarin who are seeking to enhance their language skills and deepen their cultural understanding. This program focuses on refining and expanding the language abilities of native Mandarin speakers. While these students may already have a certain level of fluency in Mandarin, the program aims to further develop their proficiency in all aspects of the language, including listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Course Introduction

A class meant to develop and cultivate the Mandarin skills of children and teens.

  • Pre-k Character Learning for 4-year-olds: Students will learn 180 basic Chinese characters.

  • Kindergarten Phonics for 5 year-olds: Students will learn Chinese phonetics.

  • Grade 1-7: Our heritage program uses materials provided by OCAC as well as reading materials developed by the MLCC staff. Grade 5 students will learn Chinese Pinyin and practice the typing of Chinese characters.

  • High School Program: This program is available to students in G8 and up.Our program uses Chaoyue超越, a textbook used in many high school AP Chinese programs.

One of the primary goals of the Heritage Program is to help native Mandarin speakers maintain a strong connection to their cultural and linguistic heritage. The curriculum incorporates a variety of authentic materials, such as literature, poetry, historical texts, and contemporary media, to expose students to the richness and diversity of Mandarin language and culture. By exploring these materials, students gain a deeper appreciation for their cultural roots and develop a broader understanding of Mandarin as a whole.​

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