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Saratoga Jan 2023 Newsletter

1.) School Resumes

Saratoga in-person class: 1/13/24

2.) School Activities

1. 2024 Northern California Chinese School Academic Contest is Sunday 3/24/24. Location is

Lynbrook High School in San Jose. School Preliminary will be held at Saratoga High on

1/27/24. Registration fee is $15. Registration deadline is 1/13. To sign up for school prelim,

Competition subjects include: Impromptu Speech in Mandarin, Speech in Mandarin and

Cantonese, Read Aloud in Mandarin and Cantonese, Read Aloud for CFL Students, Hand

writing, Calligraphy, Chinese Typing, HanyuPinyin, ZhuyinPinyin, Reading

Comprehension, Chinese Writing Composition, Bilingual Translation, Painting and

Chinese Painting.

For contest rules, judging criteria and requirements for each subject, please visit ANCCS

For Speech topics and Read Aloud articles, please click the links below:

2024 ANCCS 國、粵語演講題⽬( Mandarin/Cantonese Speech Topics)

2024 ANCCS 國粵語注⾳朗讀稿 (Mandarin/Cantonese Read Aloud Articles Zhuyin)

2024 ANCCS 國粵語漢語拼⾳朗讀稿 (Mandarin/Cantonese Read Aloud Articles Pinyin)

2024 ANCCS CSL/CFL 朗讀稿 (Read Aloud Articles)

2024 ANCCS 試題及答案卷樣本 (Question, Topic, & Answer Samples)

2. Hundred Phrases Evaluation and Reading Program

i) Hundred Phrases Evaluation for the last level completed on 12/16.

Thank you to all the class coordinators and parent helpers for their assistance in the test.

Phrases Evaluation for the current level will start on 4/27.

ii) Spring Reading Program ends on 1/13. Students who logged 10 books will receive a

certificate on 1/20. Fall Reading Program will end on 5/11.

3) Community Activities

1. A Discussion With Psychologist Liu Ai-Qing

Growing up in the internet era is significantly shaping the experiences of today’s youth. It

influences their communication styles, learning behaviors, social interactions, and access to

information. And the emergence of AI presents both opportunities and challenges. Modern

education can’t be solely focused on traditional knowledge and skills; it must evolve to

emphasize creating world-class citizens, valuing innovation, cross-cultural awareness as well as

emotional maturity.

Ms. Liu Ai-qing, an experienced counseling psychologist, in an interview with "Listening to This

Generation," discusses how to integrate innovative courses into children's self-learning programs.

This involves incorporating internationally valued Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and aligning

with the 108 curriculum to experiment with educating children towards the 2030 competency


To listen to the interview, please go to

For Apple, Google, Spotify KKBox users, the link is

2. Chinese Health Initiative is offering Spring 2024 Diabetes Prevention Series conducted

in Mandarin or Cantonese. This free 3-month virtual program aims to help our community

members understand the basics about diabetes and build healthy lifestyle through diet, exercise,

sleep and stress reduction. The information and registration are available on its

Diabetes Prevention Series

Conducted in Mandarin

Date: 1/26 – 4/26 (every Friday)

Time: 9am – 10:30am

Register here:

Conducted in Cantonese

Date: 2/28 – 6/12 (every Wed)

Time: 9am – 10:30am

Register here:

4) February Newsletter to Come on 2/2

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