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Milpitas May 2024 Newsletter

1) School Activities 

1. Last Day of Chineses School is as follows: 

Monday online class:5/27; Friday online and in-person class: 5/24

If your class intends to have an end-of-year potluck during class time, please keep it to one hour and arrange for parent helpers to assist with supervising the students. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

i) Fall semester will start on 8/16/24 for Milpitas in-person classes and Friday online class.

Monday online classes will start on 8/19. We will send out school start notifications to all

parents via email two weeks in advance.

          Please keep a lookout for more school news and updates from MLCC during the summer.

ii) Summer  Homework  for  PK-G7  is  available  for  purchase  at  $10  per  copy.  No  summer

homework  is  available  for  G8  and  up  or  CFL  classes.  Parents  may  purchase  summer

homework on  campus between  5/3 and  5/18, and  at San  Jose office on  5/19. Times  and

places are as follows:

          5/3,10,17 (Fri.) 6:50-8:50pm at Rancho Middle School room #27

          5/4,11,18 (Sat.) 9:20-11:20am at Saratoga High Schoolroom #503

          5/19 (Sun.) 2pm-4:00pm at 1580 Oakland Road Suite C115 San Jose CA 95131

iii) Hundred Phrase Evaluation

Phrase  evaluation  for  each  class  began  on  4/26.  Thanks  to  parents  who  assisted  with

testing. Students will receive a certificate when they pass. 

iv) Spring Reading Certificate

Please encourage your child to continue reading; those who have logged 10 books by 5/10

will receive a certificate. Please return story books to your class librarian by 5/10.

v) 2024-2025 Class Coordinator & Librarian

We would like to thank the class coordinators and librarians for the current year for all of

their hard work. Many thanks to the classes that have chosen their Class Coordinator and

Librarian for the new school year. Please inform the office of your new class reps. For the

classes that have not made their selection, they may do so after the fall semester starts.

vi)  Ways to Keep Your Child Engaged in Chinese over the Summer 

Encourage your child to speak Chinese more frequently, read more, learn more characters

(you  can  use  flashcards  to  aid  in  the  learning  process),  or  review  the  Hundred  Phrases

from the prior school year. Be sure to  utilize the libraries  in your community  and check

out the Chinese books available.

2) 2024-2025 School Year Class Information

i) Registration  for  the  new  school  year  is  now  complete.  Refunds  will  be  handled  as

follows: If you need to cancel your registration, please submit your request using this link . Cancellation made before 8/1/24 will be charged

a holding fee of $50; withdrawal before 9/8/24 will be charged $100, and no refunds will

be granted after that.  

ii) CFL K ( for children ages 5-6 ) and CFL1 ( for children ages 6-10 )

The  CFL  program  is  specialized  for  students  whose  families  do  not  speak  Mandarin  at

home;  CFLK  takes  5-6  year  olds,  and  CFL1  takes  students  ages  6  to  10.  Classroom

activities  emphasize  listening  comprehension  and  speaking  exercises.  In  addition  to

everyday  conversation,  students  will  also  learn  to  recognize  Chinese  characters.

Please pass on this information to your friends and family who might be interested. The

link to register for CFL program is

 iii) PK ( for children ages 4-5) & K Classes ( for children ages 5-6)

Our  PK  classes  take  children  ages  4-5  from  Mandarin  speaking  families.  In  this  class,

students  will  learn  to  recognize  a  total  of  140  Chinese  characters  through  rhyme  and

many fun classroom activities.   Please help pass the information on to your friends and

coworkers so that more students may benefit from this program. To register for heritage

program, please go to

 iv) Online AP Chinese Test Prep Course

This  online  course  focuses  on  improving  test  skills.  Course  curriculum  includes  eight

practice  tests,  and  students  will  review  the  materials  before  and  after  each  testing.

Students will also  work on their 2-minute  oral presentation in each  class meeting. This

online course is recommended for students who are interested in taking the AP Chinese

test in 2024. 

Who can enroll: students who plan to take AP Chinese Test in 2025 

      Class time (choose one): Tuesday, 7-8pm or 8-9pm

                                               Wednesday, 7-8pm or 8-9pm

                                               Thursday, 7-8pm or 8-9pm

      A total of 25 meetings per year, including 8 practice tests  

Tuition: $565 (all materials included)

To sign up for Online AP Test Prep, please visit

3.) Community Activities

This  may,  Health  Initiative  at  El  Camino  Health  is  hosting  a  free  webinar  series  on

relationship and emotional well-being: Emotional Well-Being: Wed Lunch Walk. To learn

more and register, please visit the following link.

Wednesday Lunch Walk: Relationship Series 

5/1 Part 3: Relationship with Peers: Green & Red Flags 

5/15 Part 4: Romantic Relationship: How Can I Be a Green Flag? 

Conducted online in English by clinical psychologist, Dr. Wei-Chien Lee  


Breaking the Silence: Opening Conversations on Mental Health with Loved


Date: Tue 5/14, 5 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. 

Conducted in Mandarin by clinical psychologist, Dr. Wei-Chien Lee 



     MLCC wishes you a safe and happy summer break!


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